Hiya, I'm a UX and UI Designer (with a background in psychology, computer science and customer service), currently in Vancouver, BC. I am super passionate about designing functional and reliable products that not only solve people's problems but also facilitate positive emotions.

I dream to become a Deadpool in the design world, destroying people's negative feelings and bringing joy and humour to the solution. Even if that means I'd have to lose some of my "limbs or organs" during the journey, but I will always pick myself up and keep fighting.

Oh! And I speak 2.3 languages: English, Chinese and a little wacky Korean that I learned from K-dramas.

When I'm not making things POP


I like to capture the blurry side of human beauty. The sense of ambiguity adds a layer of mystery that leaves space for viewers to imagine on their own πŸ€”.


I enjoy spending time with great movies/TV shows that make me think πŸ€” (I guess I'm like Steve Krug's little rebellious brother) or make me ugly cry 😭.


I love discovering music and jamming hard to them in the shower πŸ•ΊπŸšΏ. I like whatever music that speaks to my rhythmic muscles. They tend to be energetic, danceable, and make me feel like a badass.

(FYI: huge fan of K-pop)


I also like to read books from time to time  πŸ§. I especially love Japanese Literature because I am always amazed by their creative minds, their perspectives on life and death, and also their way of thinking.

Let's connect!

Feel free to reach out to me on any platform anytime! I'd love to connect with you and talk about anything.

Made with lots of πŸ₯© + 🍞 = πŸ” = ❀️